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Our Website Agency Information will provide you with all the needed resources to look at our Agency, how we work, what's important and helpful website design pages of various information.

Agency Video - this is just a little video talking about all the things we do for businesses and highly recommend, if you want to be truly found on the first page of Search Engine Results

Merchant Bottom Line Website Agency Information Details

Testing Your Website - This page will show you how to find out where you domain name and it's URL is really located in Search Engine Results. Your typical business/home computer has all your business information stored in it's history and cache, so it unfortunately makes you think you're on page 1 of Search Engine Results. Absolute must read for your business health and exposure staandings on the Internet.

Poor Ranking is always a rude awakening!! I always hear " I thought I was on Page 1 of Google's Search Results". You probably are, but only on your computer - not an individual person whose looking for your business and doesn't know your name! These various headings of website agency information will help you understand all this.

SEO - You hear about it all the time, but what is it actually? Here we discuss what SEO is and just how important it is for your business and web person to know about. A clear understanding of it will make or break your business presence on the Internet.

SEO Friendly Website - Here's where we discuss all the little things you need to do when structuring your website pages and the content within each page.

SEO Mistakes - this is always scary. So many businesses think they have a great website and Google just loves every page of your website. First and foremost, they could care less! Google's purpose is to provide a user - that person searching on the web using their search engine - the best possible experience with excellent and pertinent search results! Think that thru. If your site doesn't provide that, why should they display your website on Page 1? Worse, they know that and therefore delegate you to page 9 of the search results.

Review SEO Rules - This will help you keep yourself on track to be sure you and or your web person/designer is sticking to the rules of Google and their Algorithms when designing and building your website URL pages.

Cataloging Your Website. This page is all about understanding the structure that the Search Engines use to figure out where your domain fits into their catalog of search engine display results. Extremely similar to the old Yellow Pages of years ago - except it is all digital now and based on the information you provide to them!! Provide an excellent website with a well structured setup, they will like you and therefore display you better in their rankings.

Best Website Builder. Obviously, I am very prejudiced to the system I use. But, it has never failed me and provides everything you could possibly need to build a well structured website, updates all the time, forums of knowledge and awesome support that is really there and very helpful!!

Portfolio of Clients

Portfolio of our Website Clients. Ta Da!! We have to brag a little :) These are pictures and links to our clients and their websites.

More Website Agency Information

Email Systems

Klaviyo Email Systems -Probably the best email system available. Their entire system Platform is available to you, even as a new "Free" Account!! Everything is free until you reach 250 subscribers. Even then, it is very economical. The Segmenting of names and types of subscribers is endless and provides so many ways to keep in touch with your potential and actual clients.

Branding & Branding Syndication

Branding is all about building your online presence. Years ago, a website was all you needed. Now, not only that, but all types of Social Medias, Videos, Audios, Pictures and especially the proper identifying characteristics within those platforms.

Branding Syndication is the process of getting your business name exposed as many ways as possible on as many sites as possible - no easy task - especially part-time as a "Business Owner"

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing. This area of website agency information discusses how important Social Medias have become over time. Years ago it wasn't necessary. Now, you won't get to page 1 of Search Engine Results without a Social Media Presence!

Real Estate Marketing

Realtor Website Help. Here we discuss the struggle a small brokerage house and Realtor go thru to be found and have their own Listings shown on the Internet. The "Big Brokerage Houses" have so much presence, it is difficult for the small town Realtor to get established. However, they must try to get the results they want.

Ixact CRM System. If you're a Realtor, you know you could join any circus because you've become so good at juggling!! Just an inside joke, but likely true!! The Ixact CRM System helps keep you incredibly organized!

IDX Real Estate is the System successful Realtors use to post their Listings, as well as all Listings on their own website and also promote themselves to possible clients - both Buyers and Sellers.

Walk-Score is a fairly new concept of showing where schools, stores, businesses, etc. are located within a Listing as you search and get the displays of a Property.

We hope all this different website agency information helps you understand how important all these various topics are. Providing a very clear and structured website, social medias, email marketing, etc. will absolutely help you achieve successful search engine results. I've proven it many times over the years.


Prices. We have plans that will suit just about any small business. We really, really want you to do the full All-In-One-Agency setup, but we also know that isn't always financially suitable. We understand.

However, we do know the "All-In-One-Agency" plan will bring your business exceptional results!

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