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Small Business Web Design can be a great opportunity to help small businesses in your area grow to their full potential. We are a firm believer in good Karma - it always comes back to help you! There are 2 sides to this discussion - one, helping the small business with their existing website that really needs improvement; and, two - actually doing small business web design work for a local business.

The first side is where you reach out to your community and offer free help to those with websites they built on their own. We all have seen them and know they look great but have absolutely no SEO focus or direction within them. As a result, that small business web design isn't going to actually help the business - unless, you happen to know the name of the business.

Most of these sites are built on Word Press and look really nice - lots of big pictures, few words but nothing within them to help the business get found and shown on the first page or two of their business category. It's really easy to see this when you look at their "Page Source" in your web browser. The site has either no Title, or certainly not descriptive Title and worse, no Description. A huge common mistake is the system tells the search engine that the "content" is the description!! Wow.... so, your lack of providing basic info to Google robots is dictating your future business presence on the Internet!! Easy way to see the "Page Source"? Look here

Small Business Web Design Help

So, where is this "Page Source" located? Actually, really easy to see. Open your website to the Home Page and move your curser over some words (not a link) and then Right Click your mouse to bring up a small window. Near the bottom is the phrase: View page source

A new tab will open with the actual "source code" that makes your page look and display what it does. Near the top left will be the word "Title" - look to see what it says? It should reflect your domain name. Then look for either "Desc or Description". They will usually be soon after the Title line. This should be a very precise description of your business and location!! Look at my "Page Source" for the Home Page. My description is very clear -

Merchant Bottom Line Source Code - Title & Description - hard to read thoughMerchant Bottom Line Source Code - Title & Description - hard to read though

Title: Merchant Bottom Line | Website Design | Digital Marketing Agency

Description: "Merchant Bottom Line is a Website Design and Digital Marketing Agency. We help small businesses get found on the Internet, based in New Boston, TX"

Does your page source say a very precise description and title or is it just "content" with nothing after it!?!? These 2 pieces of information within the source code are the most important part of SEO - it tells Google what your website is all about - very clearly!! I see many sites that may have a description in them but perhaps no primary location? Or, not really a good "word" about your business. Are you a wedding venue? Be sure you tell Google that's what you are? Do you provide a service? Make sure whatever it is, you have that "service" precisely within the description of your website. On the actual website page itself, the Title should also be precisely worded in the first line as an H1. The Description should be in your first paragraph and worded just as your Description is in the source code. See a pattern here?

Not sure what I mean?

Take a look at the top/beginning of this page. Up top in the URL it is: /Small-Business-Web-Design; the Title (in H1) is: Small Business Web Design; The first paragraph - first immediate words are: Small Business Web Design and then, throughout each of the 100 + words on content, I have the exact phrase again" Small Business Web Design.

By following this format, you are telling Google Search Engines that this page is about "Small Business Web Design".... they will know that very specifically and list you near the top of the search pages for your particular topic, whenever someone searches for it. Your page may not show up in good search results, that's OK. As you build more and more pages that are credible and people like, Google will realize your site and pages are what people want and will move you up in the search results pages. It will also depend on how competitive your business and area are, as well as how old/new your web page is. Don't be disappointed if it takes time to get to page one - all good things take time!

This page is very general, so it won't place well. However, search for New Boston Website Design or Bowie County Website Design and it will show up on page one - very specific subject.

The second side to all this is you offer your small business web design services at a fair and reasonable price to those small businesses that need help in getting the word out about themselves! They may have no website, a Facebook Page, perhaps a Google My Business - at least, but nothing to really help them show their potential across the Internet.

Perhaps a retail store has lots of items, but not selling anything online? Offer to help them by providing an awesome eCommerce Shopping Cart System - Shopify is the Bestest!! :) As a small business web design company, we can help our fellow community members grow stronger thru the Internet!

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