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Realtor Website Help is a special process. We have found over the course of years that so many Realtors are competing for that first page of Search Results - without success! Enter Merchant Bottom Line.

We know what it takes to get a website found on the Internet. All websites are cataloged and indexed by all the Search Engines. However, where you are showing up to that "House Hunter" 10 states away may be on page 14 of the Search Results! As in most cases, you will never be found!

The typical Realtor of today is also competing with the Huge Brand name Brokerage Houses that are getting great search results - just because they are so huge.

We like to take on the "Big Boys" and work even harder to get onto that first page or two of the typical Search Results. As a former Realtor, I know how hard it is to have a Buyer find you on the Internet. Also, if your website is exciting and dynamic, the odds of getting good Listings will improve as well. Prospective Buyers and Sellers want to deal with a successful Realtor (who is found on the Internet!).

We have teamed up with a great IDX System Company to not only make a Realtor Website the most exciting, but help it to be found. It always comes back to making sure all the items that the Googles/Yahoos/Bings want are taken care of first. Then, we add the IDX System to a Realtor Website and we can literally see our efforts improve the ranking of that Website incredibly quickly. Go to our IDX Real Estate System page to fully understand what it is and how it will benefit your Realtor credibility and future!

Also, be sure to take a look at our latest Real Estate Websites below with a full IDX Real Estate System on it. The Listings will include all pertinent MLS Info,  Mapping, Walk Score and best of all - all Listings are displayed within MINIMAL ID of the Listing Broker.

SNJ Real Estate Website
Three States Realty ~ Larry Knight ~ New Boston, Texas

The IDX System is a serious commitment for a Realtor to make. However, we really only want a Realtor that is serious about their career and helping people Buy and Sell Homes.

All information requests that anyone makes about a home goes to YOU - the IDX Website Agent - NOT the Listing Agent!!

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Our system of Website development, help, guidance and SEO Best Business Practices definitely works! We are very confident in our technology approach to helping Realtors get found.

Having a pretty website means nothing, if it is displayed on page 14 of the Search Engine Results!

Need to be better organized with your contacts, Listings, Buyers, Solds, etc!?!? See our Ixact CRM Systems page.

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