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Get Found On the Internet with our proven methods. We utilize all the tools available for maximum exposure of your business online. If you are here, your Business on the Internet just isn't performing as well as you'd like!

We've all been there - including me! When I first built my website, 10 + years ago - when I was learning the ropes of the Internet, I couldn't get found either. It was incredibly frustrating. Before I go any further, we do not promise to have you on page 1 of search results immediately - like some companies say. We know better.

It takes time to build a quality "system" that will then improve your search results.

Our Mission?

We help small businesses achieve success by implementing our proven methods of an All-in-One Digital Marketing Agency

We take you from the old to the new!

Yesterday's Search Engine

Today's Successful Business

Get Found on the Internet is the challenge of 2022!

We also know you are here because you are tired of trying to do all this! Takes all the fun out of running a small business!
Or, don't know how, don't want to learn it all - BUT, know it is really important for your business future!

You've come to right place!
Here's are some people just like you that wanted/needed our help.

Betsy - Owns a small internet business in Utah

Marlene - owns a small Internet business in Alberta, Canada.

Larry is a Realtor utilizing our IDX MLS System in  Texas

Juli is a Realtor utilizing our IDX MLS System in  NJ

These people put their trust in Merchant Bottom Line to help grow their business and get found on the Internet. We do it for them:

  • Responsive, well designed with complete SEO rich Websites.
  • Review/Loyalty/Reward Systems.
  • Email System to keep your business in touch with your customers automatically.
  • Mapping System so customers can find you.
  • Social Media Business Pages and answering questions/comments for the business owner.
  • Tracking your Business Growth.
  • eCommerce platform if needed - built out and set up.

Because we do all for you - you can focus on running your day-to-day business!! That's what's most important to you!

So, what's your next step?

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