SEO Mistakes but not found

SEO Mistakes commonly found but not realized either. Unless you're in our crazy world of website building and Best SEO Practices, you'll never know what this really means. 

Typically, the business owner hires a friend or someone who builds websites to either build a new one for them or upgrade their old website. I've actually seen their SEO go backwards!! The site looks really "cool", yet the old content and SEO rules were completely ignored. As a result, the website starts to drop in search results and no one knows why? Worse, they'll spend a small fortune advertising their website, when all it really needs is proper SEO in the first place!

First of all, there are some really great web developers that know what they're doing. However, just like everything else, there is also a percentage of web developers that are clueless and make SEO Mistakes - BUT, can make a website look really cool!!!

Unfortunately, that's who we are taking about. They have no concept of website structure or what is important to the business and therefore the website. I have a client that I've been preaching to about this, but they let their non-SEO "web guy" design a beautiful site, with no thought as to what's actually important to what they do!

SEO Site Map structure showing Tier 1 - Home Page; Tier 2 - Main secondary pages in Navigation Bar; Tier 3 for less important pages.

Let's talk about structure of the website itself - the pages and their importance. I'm going to talk about the particular client and their business without using names. They've combined 2 companies within one umbrella for their new website. The new Home Page is the domain name of the company/website and should discuss what they are and what they have to offer in generalities. Each of the 2 companies combined into one website should have a 100-200 word paragraph or two talking about what they do, while specifically mentioning each companies primary focus.

Their Tier 2 Navigation Tabs should specifically name each companies primary mission/function. So, to show what I mean, this company is called and they are a transportation factoring company and a fueling/logistics company. Unless you are in their world, you have no idea what transportation factoring is. Basically, a trucker picks up a load from a Broker and delivers the load and waits to get paid. The company that does the "transportation factoring" buys that invoice from the trucker at a fee and pays the trucker right away - very positive cash flow for truckers.

To avoid SEO Mistakes, based on what we have discussed, the 2 primary Tier 2 navigation tabs should be 1.) Transportation Factoring and 2.) Fueling/Logistics. That addresses the 2 main functions of  the company, while the About Us, etc would be navigation tabs placed after those 2 primary tabs.

This tells the human reader what this company is about while also telling the search engines as well. 

Avoiding SEO Mistakes

The structure of each page must be properly formatted for the search engines to index it and understand - without a doubt - what your company is about.

When building the "Transportation Factoring" page, the url should be That immediately tells the search engine robots what to expect! The "Title" to this page should be something like: Transportation Factoring helps truckers cash flow

Notice, the url and the title have the same words in the same order and 1st in the title. The "Description" of this page would be something like: Transportation Factoring has been really helpful for the trucking industry. It allows them to get paid quicker for a positive cash flow. Both the "Title" and the "Description" need to be written out in the initial SEO coding and building of the page url. This helps the robots understand as well as the humans, what to expect. All good page building system allow these entries into the page structure itself.

When writing out the public page for the "Human", it should have as the H1 - Primary Title of the page - the exact same wording of the above behind the scenes Title - Transportation Factoring helps truckers cash flow. 

The first sentence of the first paragraph must be the behind the scenes "description" - Transportation Factoring has been really helpful for the trucking industry. It allows them to get paid quicker for a positive cash flow.

Notice a pattern here on how to avoid SEO Mistakes?? We are following an exact format of structure so the search engines have no doubt that this page is about Transportation Factoring. The written words on this url page should be at least 300-400 words broken out in small paragraphs for ease of reading for the humans. The keyword Phrase - "Transportation Factoring" - must be written in again, about every 100 words.

If you follow this format, the search engines will know exactly what this page is about. Remember, the search engines mission is to provide the user with excellent first time search results. So, they will take a company with very clearly formatted structure of the url page and put that link on page 1 of the search results. If you haven't been very clear and precise about what your page is about, the robots won't be sure either - therefore, you get placed on search engines result page 32!!!

It really is that simple -if the robots are sure, you get placed! If not, you don't. There are plenty of other parts necessary in your website structure in general - footers, length of time in business, address, etc. all of these little "things" help your website and its pages score a higher rating within their system - and, a better placement for you! This article was just about avoiding SEO Mistakes. See some of our other pages for more guidelines.

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