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eCommerce SEO is critical for your business. This helps the search engines find you, analyze you and display your store merchandise better. You may have an awesome product line, great prices, beautiful pictures, Free shipping, etc. However, if it isn't found on the Internet, it won't matter - you'll sell nothing!!

Just as it is critical for a website to have good SEO, so it is found; the same follows suit for your eCommerce site or Shopping Cart. In that great baseball movie it was all about building it and they will come! Very true, but the fastest way to get customers to your online store is with a strict adherence to eCommerce SEO Guidelines.

Whatever products you sell, research how people search for those products online. Let's use "Baseball Cards" of ballplayers as an example. Say you have a card of Joe DiMaggio and you want to list it as something you have for sale. You would list it probably as Joe DiMaggio Baseball Card. Not just DiMaggio or baseball card. Make it easy for someone to see it in the pre-typed fill-ins that the search engine shows you while typing. If it is autographed, perhaps "Autographed Joe DiMaggio Baseball Card". You want the words to flow and make sense, while also easy to identify what you are selling.

You want your site to be easy on the eyes, flow well and make sense. If you are feeding traffic from your main website, you want the Banner to be the same - but smaller - and the color scheme to match your primary site. The Banner on the eCommerce site should not dominate the page when it loads. People already know your site from seeing it on the web, so this is all about making them comfortable with you and your products and getting them to trust you and buy from you. The banner just needs to reassure them, not be massive like many website banners.

Very important - make sure the software company you are using for your online store allows for a short and simple URL for your product. I've seen some URL's that are so long and complicated, the search engines would never guess that the URL is about product "X".... whew!! While talking about this, make sure it allows you to edit the SEO parts of the actual URL, description, etc. We recommend Shopify for ease of use, excellent SEO capabilities and pricing.

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eCommerce SEO

In today's fast paced Smartphone world of Shoppers, you must have an excellent eCommerce Software company behind you. Shopify is proven in the real world (Black Fridays!!) to be exceptional - your future in Internet Sales requires the best system available - at an affordable price!

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