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Merchant Bottom Line is an All-in-One Small Business Internet Agency. We provide all the tools necessary to grow your business while you run your business. You work hard in your business every day! We'll make that task just a little easier for you!

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Do you own a small local Business and want more customers?

Merchant Bottom Line will help you achieve that goal - more paying customers! Our All-in-One Agency will provide you a fully Responsive Design Website, compliant SEO Structure, Business Mapping and Reviews setup for you on Google and Bing, Social Media presence on your Business Facebook Page, Customer Reviews gathered and displayed and finally a complete email system to help your business stay in touch with your customers - thru promotions, Newsletters, Sales, etc.

All of these features are included within merchant Bottom Line and our All-in-One Small Business Internet Agency

A great eCommerce Guru and owner of SmartMarketer - Ezra Firestone - explains it very well.

"It is like having 10 different buckets of Media - a Website, a Facebook Page, a Twitter Account, an Instagram Account, Pinterest Boards, Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc. etc. Years ago you only needed 1 bucket of "Stuff" to be on page one. In today's world, you need to have ALL 10 BUCKETS overflowing with comments, reviews, likes, followers, etc. etc."

Here's what Merchant Bottom Line and our All-in-One Small Business Agency does for YOU

Website System

We design and build only fully Responsive Design Websites - so it displays properly on any size device your customers may have.

Complete Mapping and SEO of your Business Location

Social Media Presence

We'll design and build your Social Media Pages while providing daily answers and updates for your customers and their questions.

99% of the time, the business owner doesn't even need to know questions asked - we answer them.

Search Engine Optimization

We've spent years researching and learning what Google and Bing require to understand what your website is about.

We use that knowledge to be sure your website is fully compliant with all the best SEO practices

Customer Reviews

We know how important customer reviews are. Potential customers rely on them to help with a buying decision.

We collect and display your customer reviews gathered from emails, Social Medias and Mapping Systems. Displaying them on the various medias helps your customers see them.

eCommerce Solutions

Not all businesses need or want to sell products online. We know that. However, we also know that eCommerc Solutions can be needed.

We utilize an outstanding platform from BigCommerce that provides excellent features for all necessary online selling - from Free Shipping of a single product to multiple Currencies

Email System

Communicating with your current and future customers is critical to providing a continuous and positive growth of your customer base.

We utilize one of the best software platforms known to be sure we can keep in contact with customers for promotions, newsletters, sales and general information customers need and want.

You may have the prettiest website in the world with all kinds of neat pictures, etc. However, if you don't follow the simple rules of how to be properly cataloged - you'll never be seen by your customers. Many of the "new" website building companies offer Free and quite frankly awesome looking systems. They can make your website look like a site right out of the future!

However, it doesn't mean a thing if it can't be found!

Search Engine Optimization can make or break your internet presence. Customers and clients need to be able to find your site at 2 am in the morning, when they can't sleep, with just a few keywords or keyword phrases. That's where we come in! We make sure your keywords for your business are properly displayed within your website structure - so the search engines know exactly what your business is all about!!

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Tired of trying to figure out who visited your site? When? What Pages? Take a look at this AWESOME PROGRAM below

Helpful Articles - Supplied by Merchant Bottom Line

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