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Best Non-Profit Software System

Best Non-Profit Software System asks the donor to pay for the software and the credit card fee so the organization gets 100% of the donation and the software is Free.

Our Agency has several non-profits and we always struggled with keeping track of who donated what, how much, emailing a thank you, etc. You all know the struggle. Plus, we didn't want to have to pay a lot for a good all in one system.

Well, ta da - we found an excellent company out of Canada that meets our clients goals!!

This company - called Zeffy - operates on the opposite idea by asking the donor to help the non-profit by absorbing some of the cost, not only of the fundraising software but the credit card fee as well!! How awesome is that :)


We have it doing various things for the different organizations. It will do Events, Raffles, Memberships, Sponsorships, Auctions, Donations, Peer-to-Peer and even Online Shopping Cart for a non-profit.

Again, the non-profit organization doesn't have to pay a cent to use their system and even better, they get 100 % of the donation money deposited into their bank every Monday, like clockwork. Since their is no fee involved, it is also easier to track incoming donations into the bank as well!

Let our Agency help your Non-Profit get started raising your donations the best way - FREE!!

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