SEO Agency

An SEO Agency is one that focuses on providing proper keywords and content for a business to be found easily on the Internet Search Engines Results Pages. SEO requires good research of what a company does, what they sell or promote and where they want to go for the future.

Research of all of those topics will help your SEO company determine what's important to you and your company. Once that is determined, the SEO company will then start to find the most dominant "keywords" or "keyword phrases" for your particular situation. An example would be a company that sells shoes only - not boots or sneakers and has no intention of selling them. A good SEO Agency will research all the various keywords that can be associated with  just Shoes.

Once they've determined the best keywords that apply to "shoes", then a content team will work on creating excellent content for that shoe company. The goal of an SEO Agency is to get the company's website found easily with "Organic" search results (Not Pay Per Clicked Ads). That means their content is so good and focused that all the search engines rank the website well and it moves into page 1 of search results without having to pay for that.

If an SEO Agency wants to also include pages and topics about boots, sneakers, etc., step away! They didn't listen to what your company is all about. 

The good Agency will write content and gear their keywords around shoes only and devote pages specifically to various types of shoes. The Keywords or Keyword Phrases will then be the URL Pages, Titles, Descriptions and incorporated within the content. This systematic approach to specific keywords about Shoes will help that SEO Agency get excellent results for the business owner.

Some examples for Shoe keywords would be Men, Women, Children for starters. Then, perhaps their research showed that the "heel(s)" of shoes is a very popular keyword phrase? If so, they will generate several pages of content on just the types of heels of shoes. Perhaps "laces or laced up" shoes are a key search phrase. They will then focus on and write content specifically about laces and shoes.

SEO Agency Role

A good SEO Agency listens well to what the company is all about, researches that company and all types of possible keyword phrases about it and then determines what words/phrases are the most sought after. It's not a complicated process, but it is a process that must be done to help the "Shoe" Company become successfully found on the Internet. If they just displayed their shoes and talked in general about them, with no real SEO content and structure, odds are pretty good they will not be found by keywords! The company will have to resort to "Pay Per Click" to actually get people to find them. A very expensive way to grow a business.

If you take the time to do your due diligence with a good Agency, you'll be way ahead of your competitors!

An example of an excellent SEO Agency - other than us of course, would be First Page Sage.

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