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Catalog Your Website just like the old Yellow Pages. Getting found with good search results onto the first page is critical. Following is an article I wrote about understanding the importance of letting the Search Engines know what your website is all about!

Just about every business today has a website.  If you are an RV park owner, as an example, it is critical that your website be found by prospective campers planning a trip through your area. Just imagine RV'ers driving by your exit off the Interstate because they didn’t know about you.  Remember, many RV'ers plan their trips from home, months and miles away from your location.

Before we talk about website traffic, it is important you understand just how the Internet functions and who decides the pages of information that are displayed as your “search results.”

All the major search engines (Google/Yahoo/Bing) have their own methods of gathering website information. However, their goals are all the same — to provide the best user experience for the “searcher,” so you keep using that "brand" of search engine.

Now, let’s look at the task of gathering all that information that gets displayed. The easiest method to help understand all of this is to remember the old telephone company Yellow Pages. The Yellow Pages categorized all types of businesses generally and then specifically. The White Pages only helped if you knew the particular business name itself.

Think about ordering a pizza in an unfamiliar town. You’d look up either restaurants or pizza, if they had lots of them, and perhaps the town location to make sure it was nearby. Then you’d probably look at the big ads first and maybe a single line of a pizza business.  However, we all know the big ads drew in the customers.

The Internet works the same way. The Googles/Yahoos/Bings categorize your business based on what you tell them. However, your “Yellow Pages Rep” is your webmaster. Watch some short Video Snippets on our Business Seminar Page.

Your entire Internet future is in their hands. Unless you, as the RV park owner, know how the Internet works, you rely on this webmaster to properly categorize your business and tell the search engines all about you.

Most webmasters understand how to properly catalog your website business for the search engines.  However, if yours doesn’t, you’ll be lucky to be that one little line in the pizza section, rather than the big display ad, you think you are. 

Your website may be the fanciest and prettiest website on the planet.  However, it won’t mean a thing if your webmaster hasn’t properly told the search engines some very specific information about your business and website.

Before we go one step further, it is very important to note that it will cost you absolutely NO MORE to have the equivalent of a large display ad on the Internet.  That same ad, years ago in the Yellow Pages, would cost you thousands of dollars. Even better, the search engines catalog you by category - not alphabetically by category - major factor in structuring your website, according to what Google wants to know. Fred's Pizza will be first, above Billy's Pizza if it has a better Google "Score"!!

Many people will spend a fortune trying to improve their site with serious search engine optimization (SEO) dollars. Build it right in the first place and you’ll be fine.

Next installment: We’ll show you how to actually test where your business website is in a true generic search throughout the United States.

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