Ixact CRM System

Ixact CRM System is critical for today's Realtor. The Ixact CRM System helps keep you organized and focused for the many details that a Realtor has to organize

You may have seen I was a Realtor years ago and got my beginnings with the Internet getting property Listings online. As a Realtor, I was always challenged with so many details for so many things - keeping track of clients - both Buyers and Sellers; keeping track of Listings; keeping focused with Closing details, etc, etc. If you're a Realtor looking here, you totally understand the issues.

When I was just starting out as a Realtor, the most successful one in our office had a great CRM System that he used without exception! It was a great system, for its time, and helped make him the success he still is today. He is a firm believer in having a full system CRM in place.

As a Digital Internet Marketing Agency, my job is to help a client get the best possible system(s) for his needs. I had a Realtor client that needed a new CRM System for his growing real estate business. I started on a quest to find the best possible CRM for him. It needed to be easy, fast, mobile friendly, provide drip campaigns, Newsletters, excellent client info, Buyer/Seller properties, get info from his IDX and his MLS System. Not an easy task!!! Plus, be reasonable in cost!!

I spent the good part of a month researching just that. Some systems were free to trial, while others wanted at least the first month's cost. One very important take away from all of this - you'll never, ever get the total system "you" want!! It just ain't gonna happen!! That's OK. However, what is the best of the best is the key question.

I found Ixact CRM Systems to fulfill that need. It is easy to use, provides the ability for easy Newsletters, email drip campaigns, contact information, IDX Integration, etc. etc.

Ixact CRM System

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Rather than spend all your time trying to figure out what's the best "Mouse Trap", give me a call or Contact Me. I can discuss all the features and benefits of the various systems out there and review my notes on each to help you decide for yourself how great the Ixact CRM system really is.

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