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Review SEO Rules often! Incorporating your best practices will provide you with a good internet presence - that's what this is all about. Our job is to get your business found on the Internet - your job is to help that customer we found!

This article is to review SEO Rules of your website so you get better search engine exposure.  The more exposure you have through various Internet sources, the more business revenue you can drive to your business.

Remember the basics:

  •  Title — Highlights about specific webpage with URL page as first word
  • Keywords — One main word or phrase that this page will be about. It's directly taken from the URL. This will tell the search engines what this particular page is about. 
  • Description — Written so a person and the Search Engines understand the highlights about this specific page, with the URL word/phrase as the first word(s).
  • 400 Words of Content — all relevant to your main keyword. The keyword must be mentioned about one time per 100 words and it must be within first paragraph headline and within first 90 characters of first sentence. Any sub-keyword(s) should be mentioned at least once each within the 400 words of content.
  • Footer — Full physical address with zip code, telephone, inclusive incorporated dates, copyright symbol and links to Privacy Policy and Site Map.
  • Privacy Policy  — Must be a page and can be linked through the footer.
  • Links — Outbound links should always open a new browser page so when closed the reader comes back to your site.
  • Links — Inbound links from other sites are incredibly important to get from a credible, related industry source. This is difficult to achieve, but extremely important.
  • Social Media — Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube (Wistia) — Establish a Facebook business “page” with someone in charge of keeping it active. On Pinterest, post relevant original pictures with links back to your business website. YouTube is owned by Google so they are giving videos much more visibility within their search engine results. Wistia is similar, but much more professional and allows you to provide excellent SEO best practices when you upload a video to them. Linking your video through their site is excellent SEO help.
  • Business Media — be sure to claim your business location on as many search engine sites as possible. Most are free, but they are time consuming, even if they aren’t too complicated.  This is an excellent source of secondary information that you control as the business owner.  Google Business Profile, (was Google My Business), Bing Business Portal, MapQuest, Dex, etc.  Most of these sites allow you to add pictures, business hours, telephone numbers, etc. Many of these sites will come up on results before yours.  Be sure the info they have is correct about you and the business website link is active and works.
  • Get website data from your webmaster so you know what is happening with your site - and have them review SEO Rules with you. There is a wealth of info available to you through your webmaster to understand your traffic count, best keywords, bounce rate, landing pages, how long visitors are on site and which pages aren’t working. Most important, until you know where you are, you have no idea if your site is getting better or worse.
  •  Remember to clear your cache and history, reboot your computer and then use the search engine StartPage or Privado to really see where you are in the results categories.
  • Be sure your website can be properly displayed and used on various smartphones, tablets, etc. - Responsive Design ONLY!!!  Do NOT allow your webmaster/hosting company to create duplicate pages - those pages usually start with a "m.", for a smartphone versus a desktop. That is a serious “no-no” in SEO protocol because a website can’t have duplicate pages. 

Always review SEO Rules, as the best practices for this are new and always changing, but will allow your site to be displayed and utilized on a smartphone or a desktop.  The ideal software will know what type of device is requesting your website and will display the proper format for that device instantly.  This software is called “responsive design.”

An excellent authority on SEO is Evan Bailyn - bestselling author, speaker, and the CEO of First Page Sage.

It is critical that you review SEO Rules regularly to stay on that First Page!


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