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PayPal Systems are incredibly easy to choose which credit card processing system you want to use for secure MSP options. They have been around since the early stages of the online shopping experiences of the Internet. Aside from being very simple to set up and start doing business within hours, their entire process of setting up, accounting and software options are fantastic. You can also pick if you want the customer to "stay on your website" or go over to the their system of websites to purchase your products. All very secure and seamless to your clients!

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PayPal Systems can be literally the Gateway, Merchant Services Processor and great software interface solutions for any business that wants to sell their items online. Depending on your volume and needs, you can have various purchasing "Buttons" on your website within minutes. They also provide budget payments for your customers on higher cost items and will even setup a monthly subscription service for clients that you need to bill monthly.

Because they've been around for almost as long as the Internet, they know all the tools you will need, provide a very secure method of processing for your clients and will act as your "online bank"  - all in one easy signup!

Their online banking system is ideal. They collect the money for you, remove the credit card charges immediately and deposit into your "account" the net monies you are due immediately - great for cash flow!! Best of all, their fraud alert systems are excellent. As a large Merchant Services Provider, we all know that requires tremendous security be always in place so they don't become a target for hackers!

Last year we had a "mysterious email" that was implying it came from PayPal Systems. We alerted them and within minutes they responded and reacted swiftly to the attempted fraud. 
That's what it is all about with online shopping!

Security, Security, Security!

Their fees for all of this are very fair - they are providing literally a "One-Stop Shopping Experience" for you as well as your clients. They have established rates, depending upon your volume and it becomes a fixed cost so you always know how much you'll be making on a sale - the way it's supposed to be!

The Payflow System from PayPal offers two great systems:

  • 1. Payflow Link System - You utilize their software to interface with your shopping cart system and your Merchant Services Provider.
  • 2. Payflow Pro System - This alternative is the same as #1, but PayPal will also be your Merchant Services Provider. Basically, this system becomes an "All in One" type.
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