Branding Syndication

Branding Syndication is maximizing your Internet presence - social media, press releases, awards, videos, PDF's and Audios.

In today's world of the Internet, it is extremely competitive - in all aspects - Websites, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Audios, PDF's, Twitter, Instagram - just to name a few!! Years ago, it was really awesome to have just a Website for your business and perhaps a blog for you personally.

Today - a website is nothing without all the other social medias supporting it. Don't get me wrong, a website is the Flagship of your business! However, all the other social media outlets support and help the Search Engines determine if you are a viable and credible website!

When a Search Engine analyses what a searcher is requesting, it must make a decision of placements on the results pages. How does a "result" get onto page one? More so, the search engine needs to determine exactly what you are requesting - and return the information it thinks you want.

If you are requesting information about "shoes" it will probably display pictures of shoes, retailers that sell shoes and websites of stores that sell shoes. If you wanted "Brake Shoes" - the results would be totally wrong!!

Branding Syndication helps bring your website and all the Social Medias about it to the Top - and therefore 1st page of results. If you have lots of "likes" on Facebook, lots of "Pinterest" following and an active Twitter and Instagram account, that tells the Search Engines you are credible. Perhaps you are a restaurant with excellent Reviews (or Poor Reviews) - that helps the Search Engines decide if you are credible and therefore on Page 1 or Page 19 of the Search Results for your "Brand".

We've all probably seen a YouTube Video that is just that - video content. Then, we've also seen the YouTube Video that has a Beginning Text, a Voiceover describing what/who the video is going to be about, an ending text/voice over with the Presenters website information, a Transcript of the Video and a Closed Caption  Option.

Which one do you think Google will rank higher?!!?

No outsider really understands how the Search Engines decide their placement of results for an inquiry. But, we have all noticed that the more credible a site is with lots of "extras" - it gets closer to Page 1 of the Search Results.

A great eCommerce Guru and owner of SmartMarketer - Ezra Firestone - explains it very well.

"It is like having 10 different buckets of Media - a Website, a Facebook Page, a Twitter Account, an Instagram Account, Pinterest Boards, Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc. etc. Years ago you only needed 1 bucket of "Stuff" to be on page one. In today's world, you need to have ALL 10 BUCKETS overflowing with comments, reviews, likes, followers, etc. etc."

How you "Brand" yourself will be covered in future pages - how to customize a Video, An Audio, a PDF, Pinterest Boards, etc.

Lots of exciting things happening!

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