Our eCommerce page is designed to help with examples of Shopify shopping carts in our Portfolios.

We really enjoy using the Shopify System for our Shopping Carts. They are the only company that we've seen that offer such an outstanding SEO System for each product and Category!

Many of the Shopping Carts don't allow such detailed SEO steps for their products listed on a cart. Shopify allows Title, Description, Keywords and Alt Text for every product you wish to sell - huge benefit when you are struggling with getting found in this ever increasing Search Engine listing of websites.

At Merchant Bottom Line we have several examples of excellent Shopping Carts for you to look at:

First - take a look at this simple but great Video about Shopify and eCommerce

There is NO Merchant Bottom Line Branding on this!

Merchant Bottom Line Branding on this one!

Bamyan Fine Art (Turkey) - the best source of authentic, beautiful Afghan Art. Three Currencies available.

Best Comfort Shoe (US) - a great source of colorful Sandals, Clogs, Thongs, etc.

The Best Children's Books (US) - eCommerce site provides an excellent source for used Children's Books.

Chic-and-Unique-Gift-Ideas (Canada) - eCommerce site is a great source for unusual and inspired gifts for all occasions! Four Currencies Available

Two Mamas Pizza (US) - Best Pizza in Prescott, AZ with lots of yummy options!

RV-Store (US) - Excellent website for all your RVing needs.

Marbella Family Fun (Spain) - eCommerce site with 2 languages for bi-lingual customers with prices in Euros

Yoga Mart USA - Excellent Yoga Studio and Accessory Store in Dallas, TX

These are just examples of how you can display your products to Buyers all over the World - not just your local area. eCommerce Shopify Shopping Carts have opened up the world to the small business person.


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