Klaviyo Email System

Klaviyo Email System will provide you with the best means to attract and keep your client base. Over the years, we've used a variety of Customer Contact type systems. They are all good and provide a genuine service. However, we are committed to providing the best possible system for our clients. Klaviyo is just that! There is no comparison with any other systems out there.

Klaviyo just recently (July 2021) announced that now you own the data directly, without having to use a third party. What this means is instant access to anything you want to integrate with your subscribers, purchasers or "almost" purchasers!! This also means incredibly enhanced reports and options for reviewing your data as well as communicating quickly and efficiently with your customer base.

Gone are the days of just gathering email addresses. Today's marketers take that process and improve it right from the beginning. If someone likes you well enough to provide their email address, let's be sure to keep them happy and wanting more from us! Klaviyo's Systems is Dynamic!

We have the ability to ask questions about the possible customer while they sign up. That information can then be dynamically retained in Klaviyo for emails that pertain to that person and their goals with your products. That holds their interest and makes them want to get your next Newsletter, discount, etc.

Klaviyo Email System allows us to send a Welcome Series to new clients. If you have  a Shopping Cart, the data collected and used within the Klaviyo system are unlimited! We can ask for Reviews, send an Abandoned Cart email, send a browsing email, thank them for purchasing, include them in a Reward/Loyalty type program, etc. etc. With Shopify as our eCommerce Platform, Klaviyo is directly integrated to Shopify. This provides each platform instant access to customer data. 

Thru the software systems, we are able to take that data and segment it into any grouping we desire. Then, send them relative news, information, discounts, etc.

Example of segmenting: You take your list of all subscribers and then tell it to pull from the 100% list all those that have opened an email in the last 60 days. This is a very "engaged" list of readers and will probably return a high open rate on your next email sent out. Perhaps you want to send to all those that purchased a minimum of $XX of your products in the last 6 months - but not recently, that segment can be instantly created and those people Marketed to with a very specific email.

Again, it is limitless as to what we can do between your list, your goals to re-engage with your clients and keep them wanting more and more from your business. Just imagine the Loyalty and Advocates you can create with this!

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