New Boston Texas Website Design

New Boston Texas Website Design is where we have our Internet business. We decided to live in a small community just outside New Boston Texas in Bowie County.

Researching this area for website design business, I noticed very few places actually have a multi-page website. Many of them rely on Facebook it seems to get their message out. Kinda frustrating though when you only have a Facebook Page - the viewing of that business page is very restricted! Plus, lots of information is lost in that process?

Most haven't even claimed their free Google My Business Maps/Review/Information site either! 

The cost of living is great here so we're looking forward to that for sure! Today's businesses need a website, social media and an email system as a minimum, if you want to grow your business. Over the years, we've noticed the more active you are on the Internet with as many tools as possible, the better your chances are of being on page 1 for your keyword search results. We hope that establishing our New Boston Texas Website Design business here, we can help these companies grow and prosper!

We even found a local business using my favorite eCommerce System - Shopify! I asked what got them to pick Shopify and it was revealed after lots of research, they seemed to be the best. Great choice!! They really are an awesome eCommerce System.

We joined the local New Boston Chamber of Commerce to help out other small businesses, as well. What I am finding out here is businesses have never been really exposed to professional website design and all the nuances that come with it. I'm hoping I can use my professional website expertise to help small businesses in the New Boston Texas area grow so no matter what, their Internet business keeps growing for them.

We have lots of plans for just about any type of business and can accommodate whatever the client needs. We will encourage you to utilize as much of our talents as possible in all areas - website design, email systems, Google My Business and Social Medias. Some businesses just need to claim and update their Google My Business site. Make it easy for a customer to find you - update and claim your FREE Google My Business System.

If you are a member or joining the New Boston Chamber of Commerce, Merchant Bottom Line will setup your Google My Business system free - just to help you get better established as a member of the Chamber!

Merchant Bottom Line will be providing seminars, hosted by the New Boston Texas Chamber of Commerce, as a way to help businesses get better presence on the Internet.

We hope to improve lots of small businesses with our New Boston Texas Website Design presence here in the area.

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