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Texarkana Website Design will help small businesses in the Texas and Arkansas area get found on the Internet thru our Internet Marketing Services, website design, email marketing, social medias and eCommerce systems - if necessary. We know how competitive it is for today's small businesses and our Agency is well equipped to help you get found on the Internet.

If you've read any of our web pages, you've seen how important it is to structure your website and its content so the Search Engines know WHAT Your Business is? WHO it is? and WHERE it is? We see so many business websites that look great - but have no structure within them to tell the search engines what their business is. As a result, those sites while looking great, can't be found based on their business or location - that's really sad!

Texarkana Website Design services, thru our company Merchant Bottom Line, will help you succeed! We've spent years researching and educating ourselves as to what the search engines need, to understand what your business is all about. That's critical in getting onto page 1 of the search results. Well established sites for an area also get bumped into better rankings. Good example is this page. It's pretty new as far as marketing in the "Texarkana Website Design" searches. Yet, we are already on page 1 - depending on your search engine you use!! Awesomeness!!

We started marketing ourselves in the New Boston area first (see our Portfolio Flagship Website - New Boston Chamber of Commerce), as that is where we live. Now that we are well established here in the New Boston area, we wanted to reach out to the greater Texarkana area and help small businesses there too

If you've done any research about websites online, especially with all the trackers out there, you are probably inundated with all kinds of ads about building your website for practically nothing. Yes, it is possible - and you can even make it look pretty good too.....

Major problem though. All the companies that provide that economical service do not teach you how to structure your website so the search engines actually find you and understand what you do, where you are and how you do it. Without the proper foundation & structure of your website and its pages, the search engines will see your website but have no idea who you are, what you are or where you are. There are definite methods to follow and keys points to be sure you do while structuring your website.

That's where Merchant Bottom Line comes in. We've spent a tremendous amount of energy and resources understanding just what the search engines are looking for in a well structured website. While looking at your Texarkana Website Design, we will design and build your Internet business to be sure you are properly found and indexed for the correct "business" that you are. We have seen so many companies have a gorgeous website, yet it can't be found with the basic keywords of its purpose!! Big waste of your hard earned money!!

We make sure you pass the search engines "Test". If you understand what is wanted by the search engines, our websites will score higher in their "Algorithm Test" and therefore you rank higher in the results shown for your business category. Think about it, if they have billions of websites to categorize, why would they waste their time trying to figure out who/what/where you are, when they literally just say "Next"!!

Getting found online is the first step, the next is email marketing, social medias, Newsletters, Reviews, etc. Each of these serve a purpose, together, they are what we do best - get you found and staying on page 1. 

Plus, we are actually local. Live in Simms, based out of New Boston - Help small businesses - Shop locally!

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