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Shopify eCommerce offers a fantastic platform to get you selling your products online across the world very easily! Their system is very easy to understand and adapt to whatever you need.

Shopify's platform is a proven method of delivering excellent SEO, Multiple Currencies, Shipping and, of course excellent product descriptions, pricing, displaying, etc.! Their "Liquid" SaaS software platform (Software as a Service) provides very fast load times and makes it so much easier to adapt to whatever information you need to have for your particular site. The platform is a compact easy to organize and use. Then, it has 100's of Apps that can be integrated within their platform to provide "extra" needs. A great system that can satisfy pretty much all your needs - at a very reasonable price with excellent consumer results!

Best of all, if you also have a "Stick and Brick" Storefront, it has an excellent POS System that can be used within your storefront. It tracks your Inventory for both online and storefront sales all in one system!

Shopify eCommerce Reaches Worldwide

Trying to develop products that you think will sell is difficult enough! Once you've reached that stage of wanting to sell it, you need a quick and easy full system to promote and market your product - be it locally, here is Texas, the United States or the world - Shopify's got you covered! Worried about having server issues on "Black Friday/Cyber Monday" ? Relax, I know from personal experience, their server farms are all over the world to provide very fast local up loads and they just don't fail!!

As I mentioned above, with the flip of a checkbox, you can have your products priced in a local currency in any county you choose, as well as credit card processing of that particular countries choice very easily.

The biggest obstacle you'll face is Shipping. Setting that up can bring you to tears!! Has nothing to do with Shopify - it's just quite a tedious task, due to the nature of product sizes, weights, packaging, tariffs, duty charges, etc. etc. They provide excellent Apps to help you, but it is still very tedious and time consuming to not only set up but to be sure your pricing of shipping is fair to your customers, while not causing you to lose money.

Shopify eCommerce SEO capabilities are fantastic. Naturally, you need to follow their guidelines while listing your products with a much info as possible. I have seen, on many occasions, new products showing up in search engine results in better placement that on the company's website. Another great feature of Shopify is you can have your own store as an individual website with your domain name, etc. and they provide all the hosting. We've helped clients set up their store hosted thru Shopify (only) and we've also set up websites and they used that as their information site to then sub-domain off the website to their Shopify "Store". Advantages to both.

The end result of all this?

Shopify eCommerce really is the best system out there!! I've been helping clients building their eCommerce business with Shopify probably 8 years now? Their system is a true leader in the eCommerce world and their support is "Live" and in-person - all the time!! Doesn't get any better than that. Well OK, here's something even better - it's all available for only $29 a month!! Talk about an easy way to test the waters on your products and the rest of the world!! Everything is included, including many of their Apps - not all, but many. Quite frankly, you can have an awesome store, selling all over the world, in all kinds of currencies, for just that $29/mo fee!

Click the link below to give it a try and start your own Shopify eCommerce Store! No obligations!!

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