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Small Business POS finally arrives with incredible Apps. The Clover System, from First Data provides a simple, yet futuristic Business Software Solution. This, of course, is assuming you don't have an eCommerce Business. If so, Shopify has an incredible POS System that can be used within your storefront as well. We've all been there - researching for the best possible Small Business POS Software and hardware solution. It is extremely difficult - every business owner has particular needs!

Enter the First Data Clover POS System. The entire platform is built around "Apps". First Data wanted to build a completely new system that would actually allow the business owner to manage their business - novel idea!!

Clover POS System by First Data

Course, if you have a Shopify eCommerce System and want to have or open a "Physical Store", they have an awesome POS System that is a full "Register" and credit card processor already at your fingertips. No data entry needed, it pulls right from your eCommerce site!!

Small Business POS Sneak Peak

As your business grows or changes, so must your software system. If it is behind the times, it actually makes you work harder to accomplish your goals! What's the point to that? You can start out with just the basic system and add "Apps" as you need them - without a major hardware or software cost!

Not only is the Clover System unique in it's appearance - it looks and feels the way you would want it to feel for your customers. Yes, it is very modern looking and sleek - but it performs exactly the way you want. It's quick, efficient, adaptable and extremely cost effective.

You pick and choose the system you need to start and then grow it as your business needs grow. Even the pedestal mounted Touch Screen swivels right around for a customer signature!

Think about how you always need change within your business. Perhaps, a better Payroll System? A better Inventory Management System? An "App" to adjust your prices for a special event? An "App" to offer a Loyalty Reward System to your loyal customers?

Worse, many other systems (even new ones!) require you to use their exclusive software! Now, you are free to chose any software you need and want - NO RESTRICTIONS - how awesome is that! This truly is the Small Business POS System of today and tomorrow!

All of these types of improvements to your business are right at your finger tips with the Clover POS System.

It was designed and built with your needs today and tomorrow at your fingertips. It will grown right along with your business and make life so much simpler!

Great example - Restaurant with pricing dependent upon the time of day - Early Bird Special, Happy Hour, etc. With a few simple clicks of an "App", you can have your POS System automatically handle those prices for you - every day!

The Clover POS System is available as a direct purchase or a 36 month Lease. The typical Lease monthly cost will be in the $80 - $150 range - depending on what your particular needs are. Even at the $150 a month cost - that's only $5 a DAY for the incredible convenience of a modern, efficient, up-to-date POS System!

My favorite saying about a computer is finally coming true:

"The Box should work for you - not you working for the Box"

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