Wave Accounting System

Wave Accounting System is an incredible platform to provides all the things a small business needs - most of it Free. Payroll is additional but basics are free.

Wave Accounting Systems

I'm sure the first thought of even mentioning Wave is what the heck does it have to do with getting your business found on the Internet?? Totally agree - absolutely nothing :)

However, I've met so many small business owners over the years that don't have any system at all. Or, if they do, they don't use it very well because it is too complicated. Hence, the promotion of Wave.

I've tried and used all kinds of accounting software's over my career and Wave Accounting System is the first one I actually like, trust and use! They are based out of Canada, have a great reputation and are owned by H&R Block, a great personal and business tax company. 

Their basic package is totally free - yes, free. So, what's the catch? Their basic package includes everything a small business needs to keep track of their expenses and be sure they are making money for their efforts. If you generate invoices within your business and a business pays "online" thru their credit card or ACH, Wave will charge you the normal credit card fees to process that payment for you. If the person sends you a check for that invoice, no charges are incurred since no credit card was used.

If you need to do Payroll, that will incur a monthly charge. Depending on which state you live in and how payroll taxes are allowed to be gathered and paid will determine your monthly cost. If you are in Texas, which is considered a "Self-Service State", the monthly fee is $20 for the setup a month, plus $6/per employee. These self-service states allow Wave to figure out the payroll taxes, deduct it all for you and also compile and pay it directly for you. The "Tax Service States"  are $40 for the payroll setup per month, plus $6 per employee. Those states don't allow deductions to be paid directly thru the software's. Hence, you the business owner, must file it yourself. It provides the info, just not the payment opportunity.

The best part of all - Wave Accounting System is very intuitive and forgiving!! Many of the more expensive accounting software's are extremely rigid in what they allow or fixing a mistake. Some are like an act of congress to update a wrong entry. Wave is very forgiving - huge feature for a business that is just trying to keep up with their books! They provide plenty of reports and allow custom reports as well.

It's worth looking at - no obligation or credit card needed - it's FREE!!!!!

Wave Accounting Software

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