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Website Services are various plans or methods we utilize to help create or repair websites. Some businesses need a website from scratch. That requires serious thought to the Domain Name, Goal of Business and determining what are the best keywords and phrases to have within the website.

Some businesses will have an existing site with no traffic. Worse, that site may also not even be properly formatted for Search Engine Optimization.

A pretty website may be just that - and nobody can find it!

Types of Website Services

Website Design and Implementation:

Brand New Website: Requires a thorough understanding of the business and what its intentions are. Picking a great Domain name, determining the best keywords and phrases to be sure your website is found easily and designing it with the right combination of human and Internet needs in mind.

Existing Website: Determining what is the best course of action for website that already is active. Analyzing its current traffic, keywords, content, links, etc. Many different variables must be taken into account; and, of course, the business mission, direction, etc. Does it need new content? Who will write it?

Website Review:

Website Review: This would be for an existing site. The owner/manager just wants a good review of their existing website to see if it needs any further "tweaking". We would look at the foundation of the website itself as well as content, links, traffic, etc.

Website Recommendations

Website Recommendations: Perhaps your website has all the proper setup to be well indexed by the Search Engines. However, you are not getting any Sales or Bookings to your Website. This Service would be more along the lines of that last 10% you need to have the perfect combination of traffic and Sales.

We make sure your site is well organized, provides the necessary information and data for customers and a positive Call to Action is well placed throughout the website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization: This service is all about the famous Buzzword phrase - SEO or Search Engine Optimization. As we mentioned on our Home Page, perhaps it should be labeled "Optimization for Search Engines"?

This service looks at the website from a "Search Engine" perspective! The major Search Engines have very particular ways they want to see a website built and organized. We know those particulars and this website service makes sure your site conforms to their criteria.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is just that. Typically, your webmaster makes sure all the pages are properly indexed, meet all the various criteria of different search engines, have no broken links, verifies search engine optimization is at its best, compares your site to competition, recommends new pages, content or keywords and or phrases.

Need a thorough evaluation of your website? Or, ready to start a new website the right way?

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By Bernie Martin 

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