Two Part Process

The First step process deals with either building a new website, updating an old site or reconfiguring an existing site.

Building a new website requires a lot of discussions, meetings and planning before a domain name is purchased.

The entire website needs to be planned out so everyone understands what is going to happen, who is responsible for what,when and how much it will cost. Depending on the objectives of the Business Owner and its Mission, will determine much of this.

Updating an old Website could involve just some new pages and perhaps a cosmetic look update.

This process is usually done as a Website Review of the site, as it is.

What new direction is the company taking (eCommerce, etc.)? Sales are not increasing on the site, traffic is minimal, etc. Does content or About Us need to be updated?

Reconfiguring an existing website is just what it implies. The original website is completely rebuilt on a newer platform, server and with updated tools and software. We have found a great company that allows incredible tools and teaching as well. This allows the Business Owner to have a better understanding of how the Internet Works, How to maximize their website and keep it updated.

The reconfiguring process takes about 7 days to initiate. The original domain hosting company is changed from the present company to our recommended hosting and software company. This takes about 5 - 7 days for the "protocols" of Internet Hosting Companies to complete. Domains have to be "Unlocked", Transferred and then Hosted by the new company. All of this takes about 7 days.

During this process, we are building all new pages with correct keywords, Title, Descriptions, Phrases, 400 word minimum content, links, pictures, etc. Once the new site comes back up "Live", the new site will need to be tweaked with the new look.

The Second Step requires mostly the work of the Webmaster.

After the site is all tweaked and completed, many "Behind the Scenes" items must be address. All the "old website pages" will need to be re-directed to the new website pages, establish all the various Webmaster tools from Google and Bing, Initiate all the various "Business and Map" systems used on the Internet - Google Places, Yahoo Businesses, Mapquest, etc.

This service is a "Monthly Fee" to constantly tweak the new website. Verify and track traffic, update all the various web tools initiated during the first month - Google Maps, Business Places, etc. Be sure all pages are indexed properly, research keyword and keyword phrases to be sure all pages are maximized for SEO. A new page should also be added every month.

The Fee for this is only $89.95 per month. If you take the time to invest in a new website or just improving your old site, someone needs to "look after" the new website to be sure no issues arise.

Many Webmaster will charge up to $200 - $300 for this monthly service. We believe if we build it right in the first place, a nominal fee is much more realistic.

Also, just to keep things updated to help the Search Engines find and index your site regularly.

By Bernie Martin 

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