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We we're in Prescott, AZ for Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing - commonly known as MSP. As a member of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce, we are also endorsed by the Chamber to help their members review their statements of charges. If you have watched any of the Videos or listened to the Audios on Merchant Services, it can be a very complex and costly expense, if not properly monitored and re-evaluated every few years.

A great example of this is the Debit Card. Several years ago, that was the exception to customer spending. Now it is extremely popular and gaining in usage every year. Many businesses had their Merchant Services Processing setup before the Debit Card became so popular. As a result, they are paying too much for the processing of a Debit Card. In some cases, this can be a cost savings of several hundred dollars a MONTH!!

Other businesses are doing a monthly billing or subscription plan with their clients without using a "Gateway" to process those transactions. As a result, that card is entered manually, rather than through a computer system. This is commonly called a "Card Not Present" transaction. Typically, that can be the highest cost to a Merchant!!

We are here to help. First, it is important to understand just how to come up with a common cost per month - we call it your "Effective Rate". Once we determine what that is, we then have a benchmark to better understand what you are actually paying for your Prescott AZ Merchant Services, or credit card processing.

If you are paying below 2.5% to 3% in general, you're fine. We may be able to tweak it somewhat and save you $50-$100 a month on certain fees. Only then is it worth while to switch. Usually, the transition from one processor to another is pretty seamless!

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The Prescott Chamber of Commerce wants to help their business members save money. Just give us a call or email us through the Contact Us form and we will respond right way. Once we have determined what your business is paying in fees, we can then explore other options. Just being sure you are properly categorized is critical. The credit card companies have different fees based on the types of business you are. That's the first step - make sure you are categorized for the type of business you really are.  Once we are sure of that, we determine your "Effective Rate" and then analyze your statements to see if they can be improved - saving your business some additional expenses!

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