Cost Estimate?

Cost estimate always scares everyone! It is very difficult to "price" any website service without some basic information. Our estimates are geared toward the small business websites

We prefer to have a good heart to heart discussion with the business owner/manager first. Even if the website already exists. It is important to be sure everyone understands what direction the website needs to take.

Existing Website:

The website needs to be looked at first for correct formatting for the search engines, does it have enough content on each page, credible links, footers, privacy policy, etc. etc. Once we are sure of the basics (Foundation), we then would discuss with the owner/manager what direction the company is going that isn't necessarily on the website.

Do you foresee selling a product, service, etc "online"? How will you handle those sales? Will you add a Shopping Cart, or already have an existing Shopping Cart System? What do you feel is missing on your current site? What would you like to see? Do you have contests, big ad campaigns, etc.

Can you or your company supply copy for at least 400 words of content? Do we have to write that for you? Do you have pictures for the website or need new ones, etc.

New Website:

A new website has different challenges! Hopefully, the domain name hasn't already been decided or purchased. Again, this cost estimate will require some very serious "up front" discussions with the owner/manager. We need to understand the business philosophy, direction, what your intentions are with a "website" for both present and future.

The discussions will include many of the existing website questions as above. A new website can be an open slate to build from, Sometimes it is easier that way to formulate a plan of action, determine who is going to do what and then start building the site.

Software Package:

We utilize a very innovative software company - it even includes responsive design for Smartphones, iPads, etc.

The Software Package price is included in the initial setup.

Typical Charges or Cost estimate?

Review of an existing site usually will be in the area of $100 - $300. This would be looking at the basics from a search engine perspective. That would include proper formatting, Keywords, Titles, Descriptions, Links, Content, Ranking, Traffic, etc.

New Website: A new website will be a little different. Domain names have to be researched, keywords, phrases all need to be determined for the best possible search results for your new website. Content has to be written. Can the Business Owner or employee provide that? What other needs must be provided - Reservation System? Shopping Cart? etc.

Basic Cost Estimate Summary:

Review/Evaluation of existing site = $200 Typical Average.

Converting or Creating a New Website = $1,499 Initial Fee for Hosting, Software, Complete Building Tools, Business Mapping (if applicable), Reporting Tools and the initial build out of the typical 15 -20 page minimum Basic Business Website.

An $109.95 Monthly Subscription will start after 90 days from the original website purchase date. Upgrades, maintenance, renewals, hosting, software, updates to pages, updates to associated websites (Business Places, Mapping, etc.) reports, etc. will continue as long as the  $109.95 a month are paid in full each month. These fees are for a basic business website.

A Shopping Cart, IDX or similar add-on package will be priced and agreed to separately.

Researching New Website creation only = $300 Initial Fee. If you desire a website be created, the fees would be the same as above - $1,499 flat fee minimum, with a subscription plan after 90 days for $109.95 a month.

Again, for the Search Engines of the Internet to take your website seriously and provide excellent ranking for you - they insist on you being serious about your website.

Website Design & SEO Services

 Necessary Steps and Tools                                                           MBL                 Others

Initial Interview  Included $100-200

Design                                                                                                                Included              $200 ++

Content Creation 15+ pages minimum                                                       Included              $500 +

Domain Name                                                                                                  Included               $10/yr

Complete Software Package                                                                          Included               $300++

Web Hosting                                                                                                     Included               $20/Mo

Search Engine Optimization

Submissions of Pages to Search Engines                                                 Included               $50/Mo

Re-Directing Broken Links (Web Transfer)                                            Included               $50/Mo

Best SEO Practices Utilized                                                                        Included               $200/Mo

Google/Yahoo/Bing WebTools Utilized                                                   Included               $200/Mo

Submit/Update all Map Locations                                                            Included                $200

Responsive Design Software (Smartphones, etc.)                                  Included                $1,000+

Search Engine Reports

Weekly Stats with Comparisons                                                                Included                $50/Mo

Monthly Stats with Comparisons                                                              Included                $20/Mo

Website Trends                                                                                             Included                $20/Mo

Full Analytic Report - Yahoo & Google                                                    Included                $100/Mo

Merchant Bottom Line Complete Package

$1,499 Initial Minimum Setup

After 90 days - A Subscription plan (including SEO)

$109.95 a Month

Please go to our Prices page for specific details and payment options

As you know, many people can find you if they know your exact domain name.

Our job is to help people find your website 24 hours a day without knowing your website name!!

That's what this is all about!       By Bernie Martin

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