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Website Help - Jan 2013 Issue - Why Update Your Website?
January 03, 2013
Hi Everyone

Website Help - Why Update Your Website?

Everyone builds a website for a variety of reasons.

Usually, it is to promote and inform the public at large about yourself or your business. Depending on what your goals are, it can be a simple website of 1 or 2 pages or a very complex “eCommerce” website selling your goods and services throughout your local area; or, to the entire world.

Many of today’s eCommerce websites will even collect your revenue for you and deposit it into your bank - all without you lifting a finger.

So, why update your website?

Our society has become very Internet savvy and demanding instant access to all types of information.

For years it was a luxury to have a cumbersome desktop computer. Suddenly the laptop came along and within a few years everyone “had to have one”. Now, we all have to have a “Smartphone” or a “Tablet”. No one knows where it will end - if ever?

However, because technology is changing, so must our source of information for that technology.

The Search Engines that display your search results are constantly changing what parameters they use to find and display who gets on that envious “First Page” of results!

Years ago, when this all started, there were only a few businesses that competed with each other.

Now, because we have become a world marketplace, businesses from all over the world are competing with each other to display their products on the Internet - and all vying for that first page of display results.

Well, the search engines are also making it more difficult as well. They are demanding better content, more focused content and just better information about whatever you are selling or promoting.

Take the time to look at a search engine result display of something you are searching for. What used to be 10 websites of generic search results with paid ads on the top is CHANGING!

The Search Engines are reducing the “generic” search results to 5-7 sites and displaying other types of information instead in the remaining 3 -5 sites - perhaps Google Map locations, or paid ads within what used to be the generic search results (10 sites).

By the way - Google is absolutely the largest Search Engine Results Provider in the World.

Websites need to change with this technology. It must be a living, breathing website as far as the search engines are concerned.

Is your site ready for the Smartphone display? Are your keywords “stale? Do the search engines still know you are there? Do you add a page a month? Do you have a “social site” to help link back to your site? Do you aggressively search out credible links back to your site?

The real question is “Is your site good enough to get displayed on the first results page?”

More importantly - What are you doing as a business owner to get or keep it there?

Thanks for taking the time to read all this!!

I hope it helps you have a better understanding of just how important a Website is for your business today; and even more so, tomorrow!



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