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Website Help - Feb 2013 Issue - Test Your Keyword Phrase
February 02, 2013
Hi Everyone

Website Help - Why Test Your Keyword Phrase?

Why Test Your Main Keyword Phrase?

What this really does is show you where your Website is cataloged in the Google/Yahoo/Bings of the world! This test will show you what the Search Engines of the world think about your site.

You can almost think of this as a Grade Score? An A+ would be getting your website to be displayed on the first page. A "A" would be page 2, an "A-" page 3, etc.

Just like school, the best grades always were first in line! What you got in school doesn't matter here. However, what grade the Search Engines give your website can have a MAJOR impact on your overall business! Imagine a grade of a "C" from Google - WOW - not sure you'd ever be found without knowing your actual business name.

We see this all the time.

Without fail, every business we talk with about website presence will state they are on the first page of search results. Obviously, there is a conflict here! Typically, they will always be using their own computer to do a "search" of their website.

The results are totally and completely biased!!

Your business or personal computer "knows" everything about your website and business. Yes, "it" knows where you are and what you business is all about.

Depending on how many competitors are in your business and same area, will also determine where you come up in search results.

If the Search Engines have only a limited source of websites to draw from, you'll get good placement.

However, most of today's businesses have 1,000's of competitors for Google to consider who gets displayed on that coveted "First Page" of results

Today's computers are programmed to store all your "history and cache" and they know your location. That's why when you open a "Bookmark" or a website that you've been looking at, the display results are so quick. It already has that stored in it's memory system.

OK - So - How do you get the "real picture"??

First, you have to erase your computer's memory of all your search history and all the webpages it has stored in its "cache". Just go to your Internet Search Engine "Tools" Section and select "Options" and look for the area to erase your history and cache - usually in the "Privacy" area.

Tell it to erase all of that. Reboot your computer. Then use a Search Engine that "hides" your "IP Address". The IP Address is used to locate and identify your actual computer. Now, the search engine won't "know" your city or state and the results are suddenly the real results of a "stranger" trying to find you.

Again, the entire point of this exercise is to see where you come up in the search results for a person that doesn't know you or your name but is looking for your "Keyword Phrase"

We use a company called "" They will use Google for their Search Engine, but, "Google" won't know where you are from - the IP Address is hidden from Google - they will just know you are in the USA.

A good example is a company we represent. Their business is all about "RV Mail Forwarding". They are located in South Dakota.

If you do all the above and type "RV Mail Forwarding" only, they will come up on page 2 for the ENTIRE USA.

If you give a "Hint" and type "RV Mail Forwarding, South Dakota", they will come up first.

The company name itself was never mentioned.

That's very, very good Search Engine Results!!!!!!

Now, a person looking for a RV Mail Forwarding Service will probably find the company we represent!! That's what this is all about - Nothing else!!!

Do this exercise with your website. Clear your cache, history, reboot your computer and use "StartPage" and type just your main business function (keyword phrase).

Thanks for taking the time to read all this!!

If you know someone that could use some website help, please ask them to take a "look" at our Website and Signup for our Newsletter!

I hope it helps you have a better understanding of just how important a Website is for your business today; and even more so, tomorrow!



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