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Internet Insights
June 06, 2016
Hi Everyone

Internet Insights - 2016

Just wanted to pass this on....... Please take a moment to read it - very important for your Business Growth, beyond 2016.


Wanted to bring up some thoughts on the Facebook’s, Instagram’s, Pinterest’s, Twitters, etc.

These Social Media tools are becoming more and more prevalent in 2016. So much so, that many people are getting confused on their purpose for a Business vs Personal


If you want to use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. for personal reasons to keep in touch with friends, etc. – that is really what these Medias are for. They work really well keeping communication lines with families and friends right up to date. Excellent tools for that – in many cases, better than a phone call!?

The Business side of these Medias needs to be further understood, however. We kinda have to look at what is doing what and which tools are for what purpose?

Easiest way to explain this is a Car Dealership.

Many times a dealer will display a type of car at a Mall, Costco, etc. These are all there to create interest in the car and the representative Dealer. Rarely, will an actual salesperson be with the car – it is just a tool to create excitement and emotions to go further and seek the car. OK – where do you go to do that? The Car Dealership….

Putting this in “Internet” language – the Car Dealership is your Website and Primary way of doing business with the public – it has everything about you and your business – plus, the reservation system or Shopping Cart side.

The remote car at a Mall, Costco, etc. is the Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram part of the Internet. The Social Medias real purpose is to create emotions and excitement to then direct you to your Business website for ALL the goodies you have – just like the Dealership.

As a “Business” – large or small, all of your efforts should be to create excitement and emotions on these Medias to drive traffic to your Website. The Website is your “HUB” – it’s the glue that holds all the spokes (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) together.

I have noticed since the beginning of the year that many businesses are starting to use these Medias to show everything. That’s fine – but you are killing traffic buildup to your hub website and also losing the best means possible to create sales and income. Kinda like showing your hand or giving away the farm!!

With “so many pictures/info” on a Social Media site – why should I go to your website???

Once traffic starts falling – Search Results placement suddenly drops like a rock for your website!!

Any post that is used on a Social Media site should be totally about how to get a person to want to go to your Website. Show 1 of 5 pictures of something and have a link back to that website page for the other pictures.

Have a Video? No problem, announce it where ever and however you want – BUT, the video itself should be actually on your website – not Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Perhaps show a 5 second clip of the Video on the Medias, but the real full one on your website.

These Medias are your Advertising, your Billboards and your Commercials – but, they should always create emotions and desires to then drive your traffic back to your website.

We all know this will change and evolve perhaps taking over the website purpose – but for the immediate foreseeable future – your website needs to be the Primary focus of your entire Business “Information” Center

On the flip side of all this - the need to have aggressive Media presence is critical in getting better Search Results in today's very competitive marketplace - Brand Syndication. It just needs to be done with the correct purpose and methods in place!

Next time you do a general search for especially a product, look at the Search Results and notice how many different sources are now being displayed on that first page - Ads, websites, picture sites, Direct Purchase (Amazon) sites, Pinterest, Instagram etc..... doesn't leave much room for 10 websites to be displayed anymore.......

Thanks for taking the time to read all this!!

If you know someone that could use some website help, please ask them to "Contact Us" on my website.

I hope it helps you have a better understanding of just how important a Website is for your business today; and even more so, tomorrow!



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