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Website Help, Issue #001 -- Definitions
December 01, 2012
Hi Everyone

Website Help - Definitions

Once your website is up and running, we all want to study the various stats to get a feel for our visitors.

Until you have accumulated lots of data and stats, the information can be very misleading. Please wait until you've seen at least a month or two of stats before changing too much of your website.

Let's go over the various stats that you'll be looking at so we all understand what they are! We'll try to follow the same order of the reports you are receiving.

VISITS: The number of visits to your site (not visitors)

UNIQUE VISITORS: The number of unduplicated visitors to your site

PAGE VIEWS: Total number of pages viewed, including repeats to a page.

PAGES/VISIT: Avg number of pages viewed during visit, including repeats

AVG VISIT DURATION: Length of time a visitor spends on your site

BOUNCE RATE: The % of single page visits, leave after first viewed page

% NEW VISITORS: The % of new first time visitors versus repeat.

SEARCH TRAFFIC: Generic Keyword typed to "find" your site - using a search engine to obtain results.

REFERRAL: This would be a different website having your website link and people clinking it to come to your website.

LANDING PAGE: This is the actual page that people click on the first time to arrive at your website. Could be found through a generic search, a referral or an adword campaign.

ALL TRAFFIC: Report indicates what source was used to search for your website - Google, yahoo, Bing, referrals ,etc. Great info for an advertising campaign. It will also show average duration time for each visitor on each search engine.

LANDING PAGES: What pages people were shown when searching on the Internet. Any time a search result displays your landing page for whatever the keyword search is. Part of the "results" pages on a search for something. If the search engine thinks your page is relevant, it will be displayed as a landing page in the results.

IMPRESSIONS: This is the TOTAL number of times your pages are displayed on a search engine result for a relevant subject also on your website.

CLICKS: This is the number of times someone clicks through to a landing page on your site from the overall search engine results.

AVG POSITION: This is the average of ALL your website pages that are displayed in the overall generic website searching results.

LANDING PAGE CLICKS: This shows each landing page and the number of clicks, position and percentage of click thru for that page.

QUERIES: These are the keywords or phrases typed that help find your website. The search engines have each page "memorized" so they display a page that has a keyword and or phrase that someone types to find you. The more the better.

GOAL COMPLETION: This is used to help determine how many people are going to that "reason for being" page - a purchase, sign up, etc. This will tell you how many people clicked through to that all important page of your website.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this!!

I hope it helps explain all the terms and definitions so you can get a better understanding of all the reports and data.



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