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Our Shopify FAQS will help you understand various Apps, Procedures and Methods we strongly recommend for a successful eCommerce site

Starting an eCommerce Shopping Cart is just the beginning of it. It is a serious commitment of energy, time and money – for it to be successful. Shopify is the best platform out there, but, it still has limitations that need to be addressed.

1.     A working Shipping Calculator for the customer upon checkout. To obtain this “free” addition, you need to subscribe to the Shopify System on an “Annual” basis. This once a year payment - $312 currently - saves you money versus a monthly payment. It also provides the free app to include the Shipping Calculator for your customers.

2.     Multiple Currency seriously needs to be considered as a means to purchase from your cart. Today’s Internet reaches the world and people with different currencies want to purchase from you. Let’s make it easy to do that. The “Multiple Currencies” addition is a one-time design within the Template for $210.

3.     Multiple Shipping Companies. The basic Shopify store is only setup with USPS to purchase and print Shipping Labels. Different products require different shipping carriers – USPS, UPS and FedEx as a minimum. ShippingEasy is a free app that connects your UPS and FedEx Business Accounts to the Shopify System to then obtain, purchase and print Shipping Labels from any of these 3 major carriers. If your orders exceed 50 per month, there is then a small monthly fee (but, worth it!)

4.     Magic360 or Magic Zoom should be seriously considered to effectively show and market your product lines. The Magic360 has a one-time charge for their Software. You would have your product on a turntable and take 36 pictures of it while turning the turntable a full 360 degrees. This allows the Magic360 Software to display your product at all angles for your customer. Extremely effective marketing tool. Yes, it requires some work to set up the picture taking, but once done – very good presentation of your products! The product will spin and zoom – quite a unique piece of software. The Magic Zoom (alone) is excellent for detailed closeup products - Jewelry, Charms, etc.

5.     MailChimp is an excellent Contact Management System to integrate within the Shopify Platform. It is free for the first 2,000 email address, per month. This email system allows various campaigns and follow up thank yous, Promos, etc.

6.     Product Review SoftwareSiteJabber is an excellent “Free” App within Shopify to request, gather, approve, edit, etc. all your customer reviews. This tool is essential to help a future customer feel comfortable enough to push that final “Purchase” button and trust you and your products!  Loox is another Review gathering software for Shopify. They request a picture of purchaser using your  product and rating it! Today - a picture really is worth a 1,000 words!! (It is free for the first 50 email request/purchases per month).

7.     PayPal Debit Card – Most eCommerce stores should start out with PayPal Express as their Merchant Services Processor. This allows very easy methods for people to purchase from your shopping cart. They may choose to use PayPal or Shopify’s System thru a Credit Card. The reason for the PayPal Debit Card is simple – you want to have your costs of shipping and handling to come from the same source that your revenue goes into.

All your revenue from the customer’s purchase will go to your designated PayPal email account. Use that same account (with your newly obtained PayPal Debit Card) to purchase all your expenses. This completes the financial circle without causing any “out-of-pocket” money needed. Why pull cash out of your pocket for shipping when it has been already paid to your PayPal account. Utilize the PayPal Debit Card that is attached to that exact same “account” to sign up for UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.

8.     Videos – Branding - having to do with anything about you, your customers, your product(s), behind the scenes, how it is made, shipped, etc. are extremely valuable in today’s competitive markets. Filming a Video is very easy with today’s Smartphones, iPads and cameras. Good sound quality is a little more difficult, however. If you take the time to Video something, consider having Merchant Bottom Line do the Branding for you. Take a look at our Branding page to see what it entails.

9.     Translation Software – Your Main Website should feature a Translation Widget – Google, Free Web Translation, etc. all offer excellent services for Free. Your eCommerce Shopify store will now reach the WORLD!! Let purchasers read your content and purchase. Shopify has several excellent Apps for a Direct Translation on your Cart. Panda Language Translate is only about $8 a month! One International Sale a month will pay for it!!

These tools and Apps all integrate within the Basic Shopify Template Plan, allowing you to be a step above the rest of the eCommerce systems and sellers. The Internet reaches a world-wide audience – why not create the proper way to sell, get paid, market and ship to the world too!

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