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Merchant Bottom Line is a Web Design Company dedicated to helping any small business website achieve better Presence and SEO Help. Also, Realtor Websites with IDX. It was also formed to help small business owners achieve a better profit return on their Credit Card Processing Fees.

The Internet has advanced so well over the years that many business owners were left behind. The Search Engines of the Internet are more than happy to properly "catalog" you and your business - if you honor their rules!

Understanding the rules of the Googles, Yahoos and Bings of the Internet world requires dedication and perseverance and utilizing their requirements to the maximum. If the Search Engines want 400 words of content on each page of a website - that doesn't mean you can do 250 words! If they want clear and concise Keywords in a certain format, that's what you must do - no discussion!

Merchant Bottom Line is all about helping the small business owner achieve higher and better search engine rankings.

You may have the prettiest website in the world with all kinds of neat pictures, etc. If you don't follow the simple rules of how to be properly cataloged - you'll never be seen by your customers.

Small Business Websites can't afford to have a Webmaster that doesn't play by the "Internet SEO Rules". Search Engine Optimization can make or break your internet presence. Customers and clients need to be able to find your site at 2am in the morning, when they can't sleep, with just a few keywords or keyword phrases. That's where our SEO Help comes in!

We also help improve Realtor Website problems. Many areas have lots of Realtors all competing for the first page of Search Engine Results - we utilize our SEO System along with an IDX Program to get them the best results possible!

Many Webmasters are incredibly talented in writing all types of "code". They can make your website look like a site right out of the future!

However, it doesn't mean a thing if it can't be found!

That's what the Internet and Search Engine Optimization is all about.

The Google's/Yahoos/Bing's will "look at" your website at least once. Is it set up to their standards? Do you have keywords properly displayed, a well written Title and Description? Do you have credible links? Do you have at least 400 words of relevant content on each page? Do you have a proper "Footer"? A Privacy Policy? Etc., etc.

Remember, they have MILLIONS of websites to catalog correctly. Think about it - If yours isn't up to their standards, they will pass you by - Guaranteed!!

Telephone Book and the Internet?

Remember the old telephone book. It had 2 sections - the White Pages and the Yellow Pages.

The White Pages worked great if you could remember the name of the business you wanted. Look it up alphabetically and it's right there - no description, but - the phone number is right there.

The Yellow Pages became a perfect solution for businesses. It was broken down into categories and then sub-categories again.

Classic example would be finding a Pizza Restaurant.

Open the Yellow Pages to Restaurants, then look for Italian, then Pizza and perhaps even the town itself and viola - your favorite Pizza Restaurant phone number was there. "Back then" this service cost a fortune!

The Internet Search Engines organize their search results just like the Yellow Pages. If you tell them what your categories of your business are, and build your website to their "rules", you will be well placed within the search results - on page one - without the huge expense of a "display ad", like the old Yellow Pages.

Merchant Bottom Line will help make sure you get the right SEO Help for your Small Business Website - that's our Bottom Line - without breaking your bank! Take a look at our Business Seminar Page to see some great Video & Audio Snippets we have about all of this!

Please Contact Us at Merchant Bottom Line for any Website SEO Help, Merchant Services needs or Realtor IDX sites.

By Bernie Martin  


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